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January 2015 issue

Magazine cover: January 2015 issue

Happy New Year! It’s at this time of the year that people make their New Year resolutions, so if yours is to make more cards, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found, plus if you have ‘thank you’ cards to make, there are also numerous designs that can be adapted to suit your requirements.

Last month we featured a stunning project by Bruno Piechota worked with the pointillism method. Pointillism is a colouring technique using felt tip pens or any other medium, adding small dots within an area to produce an image. It proved to be a very popular and thought provoking design, so much so, I asked Bruno to submit a second piece, this time he has provided step by step images, demonstrating how he created a piece entitled Blue Flowers.

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It’s about that time again, so I’m going to sign off, but keep an eye out for many more exciting new and wonderful projects in 2015.

Enjoy the issue.


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