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October 2014 issue

Magazine cover: October 2014 issue

I’d like to think that this issue contains the perfect balance of all things parchment craft related, with all styles and interests catered for, but before you settle down with your favourite brew and craft box, take a flick through the magazine to mark up what’s on your ‘to do list.’ I’m fairly certain you’ll find a couple of projects to work on within a matter of minutes of reading this.

With the busiest time for card making just around the corner, take a quick break before the rush to produce Mary G. Kerr’s Best Bib and Tucker card. Designed for the man in your life, it’s been created with the aid of a Grid, and the colour scheme of course can be adapted to suit his favourite colour or sports team.

This month sees the start of our 2014 Christmas collection and there are five inspirational ideas for you to be getting on with. The first is an ingenious introduction to working with Multi Grids; Maggie Byford has provided step by step instructions and produced two terrific designs. Gail Sydenham’s been busy too and she’s presented three ideas based around a poinsettia which once completed can be used to present a small gift.

If that’s whet your appetite for more Christmas ideas, can I suggest you place an order for two imminent magazines. Firstly, next month’s issue which is your November edition; it will be a regular issue of Parchment Craft with the entire contents devoted to Christmas and secondly, our 2014 Christmas Special entitled Christmas Sparkles. More information on this forthcoming title can be found on page 41.

Enjoy the issue.

Carl Golder, Editor

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