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July 2015 issue

Magazine cover: July 2015 issue

On sale: from 11th June.

Summer has finally arrived, and that theme is apparent in this month’s magazine. The cover feature by Ann Hubbard is a bright, vibrant and striking fl oral themed card. She’s created it using a selection of Multi Needle tools for the edging, felt tip pens for the design in the centre, however it’s the addition of the coloured inserts which really help to lift the whole design.

Designed and created by regular contributor Julie Roces, Lovely Bunch (page 4) is a beautiful piece of white work which has been designed for the more advanced parchment crafter, it features detailed and layered embossing and will require time and patience, but don’t let that be a reason for you to not re-create it.

This month’s From the Archives piece is from a more recent issue (my fi rst as Editor). I’ve chosen it because it’s been designed my favourite designer Dorothy Holness and because after reading through so many reader surveys, there seemed to be a constant declaration of love for her and her work.

Enjoy the issue.


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