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May 2014 issue

Magazine cover: May 2014 issue

It’s safe to say that spring has finally sprung and with that in mind I’ve chosen for you a lovely selection of butterfly and floral themed pieces.

The May issue begins with a beautiful depiction of butterflies in flight by Judith Maslen. Entitled Butterfly Princess (p. 4) Judith has used a variety of bright coloured pencils to detail the butterflies, along with shades of brown and yellow to colour in the ladies’ hair, finishing off the card with an elegant border and contrasting insert.

This month also sees the inclusion of a beginners’ themed workshop by Josie Davidson (p.40) which is centred on the art of embossing. Embossing is a quintessential function to all designs, and by using Ball tools of various sizes on the surface of parchment the finished effect is often mesmerising.

Could I quickly draw your attention to our exciting Summer Special; it’s to be published in conjunction with the Bristol parchment exhibition on 20th June, with the demonstrators who will be in attendance contributing to the magazine.

If you wish to pre-order, you can do so as of 18th April by calling our subscriptions department on 01778 395160 with more information being posted on all of our social media platforms very soon!

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